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About Us


About Ellie Stone Bride

We know that our Ellie Brides are all about love, family, and building memories as they celebrate their wedding. We are too, which is why we love what we do so much! You’ll see it in our name (see little Miss Ellie there? She’s Kalli’s sweet granddaughter!) in the quotes around the store, and in the way your appointment is all about celebrating the beauty of you and who you are, inside and out, as we find the dress that you fall in love with not just for how it looks, but for how it makes you feel.

While you bring the love and the uniqueness, we know our job is to bring the style and inspiration. That’s why we travel across the country finding the right dresses, with the best fit and quality. We are so proud of our designers and our dresses! We even design a few ourselves with our Ellie Stone Collection. We do everything we can to make sure you have all the support you need and the kind of experience that lasts a lifetime.


Our Team

We are lucky enough to have a team that combines top quality service and a well-honed eye for the perfect style for each bride. There are a lot of different backgrounds and personalities in our group, but every single one of them has a passion for the work we do here - helping you find the look you love for your wedding day. When you come for your appointment, you also may meet with one of our other stylists, Molly, Cami, Natalie, Aurora, or Jill.  


Kalli - Owner

She promises you'll have the experience you've dreamt of with her amazing team!


Lynn - Seamstress

If seamstresses could get an Academy Award, Lynn would win! She does incredible work.


Leah - manager

Leah is the sweetest gal in the world and will go out of her way to assist you!


Hanna - Assistant Manager

Hanna's bubbly personality is contagious! She's Kalli's niece and will make your appointment perfect.